Blue Lotus Tea: Steeped in History & Known For Psychoactive Effects

The blue lotus blossom is an endangered plant that has actually played a critical duty in ancient cultures. With fascinating usages including lucid dreaming, enhanced relaxation, and also as an aphrodisiac, it’s no surprise that passion in this plant and the resulting tea has actually lingered for centuries. Read on to uncover more concerning blue lotus tea.

What Is Blue Lotus Tea?

Blue Lotus tea is made from heaven lily flower recognized by the agricultural name Nelumbo nucifera. The blue water lily supplies an intoxicating fragrance as well as is a gorgeous flower that has actually been utilized in natural treatments going back to the ancient Egyptians, Thais, and also Syrians.

The blue lotus flower was utilized by the old Egyptians as component of events consisting of in the type of blue lotus red wine. The blossom was thought about the official flower of the sun god Ra. This plant ought to not be puzzled with one more blue lily referred to as the blue lotus of the Nile River, made from the plant Nymphaea caerulea.

The blue lily is a water-growing plant where it drifts on the surface as its origins drive deep right into the earth. The plant blossoms during the day as well as closes in the evening. The sacred flower has been related to psychedelic effects as well as lucid dreaming, lending to its contemporary usages as a mind-altering drink. Continue reading to find out more regarding the uses of blue lotus tea.

Uses of Blue Lotus Tea

Psychoactive Effects

Blue lotus tea was used in ancient societies in the Middle East similar to yerba companion is made use of in South America. The tea offers light psychedelic results that use a sensation of euphoria. These results are the main factor the flower was made into a tea for celebrations.

Sleep Aid

Blue lotus tea may be an efficient sleep aid thanks to the visibility of compounds consisting of nuciferine as well as aporphine. These compounds supply antispasmodic impacts as well as a relaxing experience that might aid to generate even more tranquil sleep. The antispasmodic effects might additionally help to minimize stomach issues such as dyspepsia.

Lucid Dreaming

Blue lotus tea is usually used by individuals to induce or improve lucid dreams. To accomplish these lucid dreams, many individuals ingest the remove of heaven lily plant or add heaven flowers to hot water to brew an organic tea. You can likewise find blue lotus tea bags, which are marketed as a tension reducer. The flower petals can also be located for usage in vapes, or vaporizers.


Blue lotus remove may supply aphrodisiac effects though modern clinical research study hasn’t confirmed its usage in this aspect. The plant has actually played a role in historical contexts, specifically in ancient Egypt, where it was utilized as component of sexual ceremonies.

Legal Condition of Blue Lotus Tea

The USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not accept using the Egyptian lotus plant in the therapy of any kind of conditions. As a matter of fact, blue lotus tea has actually been banned for human usage in several countries consisting of the United States as well as Russia due to possible side effects. In the United States, blue lotus items are commonly sold as massage therapy oils or as a lotus tincture. The plants include alkaloids that are soaked up when used topically, still supplying enjoyable effects without the psychedelic nature. If you do want to brew blue lotus tea, it is necessary to just buy top notch items.

Blue Lotus Tea: The Ancient Potion

While blue lotus tea can not be consumed in the United States, it delights in a fascinating background going back to the old Egyptians. The plant was so important to Egyptian society, it makes several appearances in the Book of the Dead. Today, the plant is noted as jeopardized as well as can be discovered mainly on the Oriental continent. While it’s not a tea you can head out as well as acquire in the United States, it’s a remarkable plant that demonstrates the role tea has actually played in cultures because the earliest worlds.

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