Tea Mocktails: Fill Your Cup with the Holiday Spirit

This year the holiday season looks a little different for everyone. Work events are being held by means of Zoom, presents are being exchanged long-distance, and everyone’s circle is a little bit smaller sized. But also as the year comes to a close and the globe faces an unpredictable future, we see these extraordinary times as a possibility to reflect on our blessings and also create brand-new customs; what much better method to do that than with a mug of holiday tea?

Being stuck in our very own houses this year has actually influenced us to find up with some yummy tea-based mocktail dishes that are delightful additions to your holiday season.

Holiday Joy Mocktail

Vacation Joy.

Visualized above, this tempting cranberry flavor mocktail offers a tart and pleasant option with a tips of orange. This beverage is best for singing carols and fireplace chats.


1 tablespoon Mulling Flavor.

1 tbsp Berry Blast.

6 ounces water.

1 tablespoon Vanilla Simple Syrup.

orange slice garnish.

** Add a shot of gin for a grown-up version **.


Utilizing a steeper or Ingenuitea, steep tisane mixture in boiling water (212 ° F/100 ° C )for 5 mins. Fill up a rocks glass with ice

. Put focused mixture over ice (Tea to water ratio makes certain that your drink is the perfect dilution, a practice perfected in our shops).

Add vanilla syrup and also stir.

Garnish with an orange piece.

Dublin Fog Mocktail.

Dublin Fog.

An Irish twist on the preferred London Fog tea latte, this velvety mocktail can be taken pleasure in warm or over ice.


2 tbsps Earl Grey Starlight.

16 ounces water.

1.5 tbsps Monin Irish Lotion flavor.

Milk or milk alternative to preference.

** Replace an Irish Lotion liqueur for an adult variation **.


Steep Earl Grey Starlight in boiling water (212 ° F/100 ° C) for 4-5 mins relying on preference. Longer steep time will certainly result in a more powerful trademark Earl Grey citrus flavor. (We advise making use of an Ingenuitea for easiest beverage construction yet you can also make this concentrate making use of tea cavities or a steeper.).

Strain/pour concentrate over a pint glass loaded with ice.

Mix in flavor and also milk or milk alternative.

For a warm variation of this drink, follow the dish for our London Fog Cappucino and substitute the Irish Lotion taste.

Non-Alcoholic Coquito.

Inspired by a Puerto Rican vacation drink similar to eggnog, this coconut cinnamon mocktail is sure to satisfy any person with a sweet tooth. Our creation is gently caffeinated and also best delighted in over ice.


2 tbsps Tropical Coconut.

1 tbsp Gaucho.

16 ounces water.

2 tablespoons sweetened as well as compressed milk.

1 tablespoon honey.

1/2 tbsp cinnamon.

** Include a shot of rum for an adult version **.


Steep Tropical Coconut and also Gaucho in 190 ° F/87 ° C water for 5 mins.

In a pint glass incorporate honey, sweetened and also condensed milk, and cinnamon. (Pour a little of the steeping tea over the ingredients to make it easier to integrate).

Fill glass with ice.

Strain tea concentrate over ice as well as stir to blend.

Add milk or milk alternative to preference.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

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