The ultimate guide to building a perfume wardrobe

Although it may come as a surprise to some people, collecting multiple fragrances does not qualify as building a perfume wardrobe. You have to consider many factors other than your taste in perfumes, including the weather, season, occasion, and personal style. However, building a perfume wardrobe is tricky; it takes many hours of research and a good set of knowledge in the world of perfumery to choose the best options for every need and occasion. Whether you are looking for women’s perfume, men’s, or even unisex ones, we are here to help.

Is having a fragrance wardrobe necessary? 

Do you wear the same outfit every day? Keep the same hairstyle for years? Or just throw on something random when you are in the mood to spoil yourself with a cute outfit? Probably not. Well it should be the same for fragrances.

You should also take the season into consideration while putting on a scent. Other than matching the scent with the theme of the season, some perfumes are simply not suitable for a season in terms of their type. You might put on your regular perfume in winter, and after an hour or two, you can’t feel it anymore.

Perfume molecules are very sensitive to temperature; they move and evaporate faster when it’s hot, enveloping more space but fading sooner. Knowing this about fragrances, you should opt for an Eau de perfum in summer since they have a higher concentration of oil and last longer.

On the other hand, perfume molecules tend to move slower when it’s cold. As a result, in winter the molecules evaporate at a slower rate and last longer, but you might feel that your scent does not project as much. The solution to this problem is choosing an Eau de toilette for cold seasons since they are more obvious when you walk into a room.

Last but not least, the world of fragrances is just too diverse and full of excitement to limit yourself to a single perfume. Having a signature scent and staying loyal to it is always nice, however it’s a shame to deprive yourself of many other enchanting ones. Case closed.

A fragrance for every occasion

Refreshing perfume

On gloomy days like those in winter when the alarm goes off and wakes you up to a cloudy gray sky, that is when the olfactory sense can be of advantage. Wearing a refreshing scent with citrus or floral notes can lift your spirit on such days; reminding you of the warmth of summer and the light breeze of spring.

Subtle perfume

You are always in need of a trusty subtle scent for occasions like work meetings, garden parties, or brunch with friends. Floral notes are appropriate for such occasions as they radiate freshness and elegance and suit daytime activities.

Calming perfume

The sense of smell has a magical power that can change your mood in a heartbeat. That is why aromatherapy has become a hugely successful trend these days. Research has shown that ingredients such as citrus, lavender, green notes, violet, and aquatics have calming effects and can help you beat the stress and anxiety that you might be dealing with.

Besides, a specific scent might be linked to a dear memory of yours, that can also be a calming perfume for you as it conveys a sense of nostalgia and is a reminiscent of good days.

Formal perfume

Nobody wants to get stuck in an office for 8 hours with a coworker who’s wearing a strong perfume. Even if you have purchased the most popular scent, it still might bother some people if you apply too much of it. So it’s best to stay cautious and stick to a safe perfume for the workplace and formal activities like interviews. A fragrance with citrus or floral notes is the best option to wear at work. However, these notes probably can’t last a 9 to 5 job, so keep a bottle at work to top up whenever you want. It’s best that you don’t carry the perfume around since it could affect the fragrance compounds and influence the longevity of the perfume.

Evening perfume

Whether it’s a formal gathering, wedding reception, or a date night, you probably need a rich exotic scent to leave a lasting enigmatic impression on people. In this case, we recommend oriental perfumes featuring warm and aromatic spice elements. They match the ambiance of a romantic evening or a dinner party perfectly, but keep in mind that only a spritz of them on each collarbone is enough; too much of these strong fragrances can deter people or make them lose their appetite at dinner.

Casual perfume 

You also need a subtle scent for your casual days. Citrus and fruity notes are the first choice for many people for picnics and outside gatherings during the day. If you are in the mood to reminisce about ocean breeze and beach vacations, spray on an aquatic scent to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Best perfume notes based on gender

Now that you have an idea of how to match a scent with a specific setting, it’s time to familiarize yourself with some popular perfume notes for each gender.

Popular notes in women’s perfume

– Rose

– Jasmine

– Amber

– Lemon

– Bergamot

– Lavender

– Patchouli

– Sandalwood

– Musk

– Coconut

Popular notes in men’s perfume

– Tobacco

– Citrus

– Fruity

– Green

– Woody

– Herbal

– Leather

Perfume for all

Fragrances have no gender; this is what industry experts say. However, companies tend to market floral and fruit fragrances as women’s perfume and woody, spicy, and leathery notes as “men’s perfume”. If you are not a big fan of stereotypical femininity in fragrances, featuring only floral and fruity elements, look for a unisex perfume which combines the popular notes of each gender, creating an appealing new scent for all.

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