The 5 Best Oolong Teas With Flavors From Sweet to Smoky

Oolong tea is a real tea that is famous for its health benefits. Oolong tea may aid enhance weight reduction and can enhance the body immune system to prevent disease. It has actually been used for centuries as part of traditional medication as well as is consumed daily in Asia. This tea is a staple in Chinese restaurants and also has a cult adhering to in India as well as other areas around the world.

Oolong tea has grown in appeal over the past century in the western globe. It mixes the attributes of green and black teas into a sweet or baked flavor that tickles the senses. Immerse your detects in a world of flavor as well as fragrance with the very best oolong tea varieties. Want to pick up exceptional oolong tea? Take a look at our collection of the best oolong teas right here.

What Is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea– also referred to as wulong tea or black dragon tea– is a mildly oxidized tea. It is considered a happy medium between eco-friendly tea and black tea. Oolong tea is additionally commonly thought about comparable in flavor as well as aroma to pu-erh teas. Among the four real tea kinds, oolong tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The difference amongst real teas emerges during the manufacturing procedure.


Environment-friendly tea and white tea fallen leaves are not oxidized while oolong tea and also black tea fallen leaves are oxidized. Black tea fallen leaves are oxidized completely, yet the oxidation of oolong tea leaves is stopped prior to the process is full. This results in a semi-oxidized tea that has all the great elements of both unoxidized as well as oxidized teas.

Oolong teas themselves can differ dramatically in taste relying on how much time they are oxidized. In general, oolong teas undertake anywhere from 8 to 80 percent oxidation. Each tea master distinctively tailors the oxidation procedure, leading to a globe of flavor that makes oolong an exceptionally flexible tea.

The shapes of oolong teas additionally set them apart. Oolong tea leaves are curled, rolled, and also turned into lengthy spindles or spheres. The shaping technique improves the aesthetic appearance and fragrance of the tea leaves. This essential step assists to set apart low quality leaves from premium quality leaves.


Oolong tea is most commonly cultivated in China and Taiwan. The biggest growing areas consist of the Fujian as well as Guangdong provinces of China. The most famous oolong teas are generated in China in the Wuyi Mountains. The second biggest producer of oolong teas is Taiwan.


Oolong tea vary wildly in taste thanks to their wide variety of oxidation levels. Oolong tea can be sweet and fruity or woodsy and also rich. The fragrance of lighter oolong teas have hints of honey while various other bolder fragrances are baked and complicated.

The Very Best Oolong Tea Varieties

Chinese Oolong Teas

Phoenix Az Tea (Dan Chong or Dan Cong).

Phoenix oolong tea is generated in the Guangdong province of China as well as is amongst the bestsellers. The Chinese name for this tea suggests “single shrub.” The fallen leaves of Phoenix metro oolong teas are collected from one solitary bush of the tea plant. Each bush has a different taste, implying this tea preferences different with every batch. The dried fallen leaves include a curly look that gradually opens up when soaking.

Today, Phoenix tea is likewise made use of to refer to all oolong teas generated in Guangdong district– not just the ones from a solitary bush. Phoenix metro teas are noted for their all-natural flavors and also aromas of flowers and fruits.

Phoenix metro oolong tea has an abundant, full-bodied feel. Some Phoenix metro oolongs use a floral taste that is similar to orange blossoms or orchids. Various other Phoenix metro oolongs are fruity or zesty with tastes comparable to ginger and grapefruit.

Iron Goddess of Grace (Ti Kuan Yin or Tie Guan Yin).

This sort of oolong tea is perhaps the most renowned Chinese tea.

Iron Siren of Grace tea is grown in the high mountainous area of the southerly Fujian district. The tea leaves are collected specifically in the Anxi area.

Tale has it that monks initially educated monkeys to harvest the leaves of tea plants along high cliff edges.

These tea leaves were often called “monkey-picked” and also constituted the best oolong teas. These oolong teas were only used to make tea for the emperors of China.

Today, you can get your hands on high mountain oolong teas booked for royalty. Iron Siren of Mercy teas are offered at many tea shops as well as in online stores such as Amazon.

This oolong tea is light and airy and also includes tips of blossoms and honey. It’s commonly referred to as scenting similar to orchids and flaunts a refreshing finish.

Wuyi Oolong Tea (Da Hong Pao).

On the various other end of the oolong range is Red Robe tea. Da Hong Pao oolongs are greatly oxidized and also dark in color. This tea is respected for its health and wellness benefits and also tale has it that this oolong tea conserved the mom of an emperor in the Ming dynasty.

Da Hong Pao has a sharp, great smoky flavor that is special among oolong teas as well as comparable to Formosa Gunpowder black tea. It boats hints of sugar, butter, and also toast. These oolong tea leaves are fat, vibrant strips with a somewhat glossy appearance. This baked oolong tea is usually bright orange of yellow in shade.

Da Hong Pao can be among one of the most pricey teas in the world. The best tea leaves are harvested from the initial tea bushes, which are approximated to be over 1,000 years old. Da Hong Pao can cost upwards of $1,000,000 for simply 1 kilo. If money isn’t an option, the best Da Hong Pao oolong is thought about the gold requirement for severe tea lovers with deep pockets.

Taiwanese Oolong Teas.

High Hill Oolong Tea (Gaoshan).

High Mountain oolong teas contain a variety of different oolongs expanded at the greatest elevations in Taiwan. They are generally seasonal teas due to their manufacturing timeline. High Hill oolongs consist of Alishan, Wu She, as well as Yu Shan. These oolongs are grown at elevations more than 3,300 feet and also tend to grow extra gradually than various other oolongs.

High Mountain oolong teas are collected by hand two times per year. The leaves gathered in October are known as wintertime Gaoshan as well as the leaves plucked in June are called spring Gaoshan. The leaves are spread out on a large tarpaulin to dry before going through oxidation. As the fallen leaves dry, they develop scents of rose, jasmine, and also geranium.

As soon as the Gaoshan establishes fragrance, the fallen leaves are folded as well as perished for eight hours. Tea masters then oxidize the fallen leaves prior to they are arranged and packaged for sale. Gaoshan tea is generally crisp and also wonderful with notes of flowers or ache. The tea features a buttery aftertaste that is smooth and creamy.

Milk Oolong Tea (Jin Xuan Tea).

Jin Xuan tea is additionally commonly known as Golden Daylily tea or Nai Xiang tea. The tea is called for its creamy flavor that is light and flowery.

This tea is grown at higher elevations as well as is additionally produced in Thailand. Milk oolong tea is characterized by a buttery, creamy taste with a smooth surface.

The milky taste of Jin Xuan tea is not produced by infusing it in milk. Instead, the tea leaves naturally generate a milk-like flavor as well as aroma when oxidized for a particular time period.

There are some man-made milk oolongs on the market, though these are typically classified as flavored oolongs.

Just How to Prepare Oolong Tea.

We advise utilizing loosened leaf teas instead of tea bags when developing oolong tea. Loose teas have the whole leaf as well as even more release taste much more successfully when steeped.

Oolong tea bags are usually reduced high quality because they contain broken fallen leaves and also dirt of the tea leaves. Use high quality loosened leaf oolong tea whenever feasible for the best flavor and also to take full advantage of the tea drinking experience.

Organic teas are also an excellent option considering that the taste is not modified by the addition fo fertilizers and various other chemicals. Organic oolong tea is likewise non-GMO making it a wonderful selection for your wellness. There are also upright alternatives offered for individuals who are searching for an approved option for tea time.

Start with 3 grams or 2 teaspoons of loose fallen leave oolong tea for every single 8 ounces of water to make the excellent cup of taste and aroma. Oolong teas are best prepared with warm water, not steaming water. Objective to prepare oolong tea using water with temperature level between 200 and also 205 F.

If you do not have actually a temperature regulated tea pot, bring water to a boil on the range. Get rid of from warmth as well as allow the water cool for 2 minutes prior to including the tea leaves.

Oolong tea leaves should steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Excellent quality oolong tea leaves can be resteeped several times. In general, the same oolong tea leaves can be made use of 3 to 5 times each.

Discover Oolong Tea.

Whether you choose the taste of Taiwanese or Chinese oolong teas, tea enthusiasts are sure to locate a brand-new favored tea. Oolong teas offer an immersive tea experience with flavors ranging from pleasant as well as flower to smoky and baked. Oolong tea can be made as a warm reward or as a cold tea. Oolong tea advantages consist of accelerated fat burning since the beverage is naturally calorie. Consuming alcohol oolong tea can be beneficial to your health many thanks to the existence of anti-oxidants and also vitamins.

The benefits of oolong tea array past healthcare to taste and also experience. Sipping a mug of this delicious tea permits you to unwind and also relax while taking pleasure in the basic enjoyments in life. Oolong tea helps boost mood as well as has few negative effects. The tea is additionally an ideal addition to a conventional tea ceremony and can assist you connect with Asian society and the duty tea plays in culture. The caffeine web content of oolong tea is moderate and also can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Add oolong tea to your wishlist or opt for a gift readied to offer this yummy tea to a pal. The elegance of oolong teas makes certain to visually charm your feeling while the fragrances and tastes delight your taste buds. Try these prominent oolong teas and also fall in love with these true tea delights.

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