The 5 A Lot Of Pricey Teas In the World

Tea is precious in nations around the world. The Chinese prize black and also oolong teas while the Japanese favor costs green teas such as matcha and gyokuro. The British are known for their love of black tea infusions such as Earl Grey, Indians offer choice to chai as well as South Americans favor solid mixtures like yerba companion.

For a globe of tea enthusiasts, tea is more than just a drink. It’s a chance to connect with centuries of tradition as well as covert charming brand-new flavors. For true followers, tea uses an as soon as in a life time chance to take pleasure in taste and also scent. That’s why they agree to pay a premium for the best tea. Discover the globe’s most costly teas and find out why every one commands such a high price tag.

The Priciest Teas in the world

1. Da Hong Pao– $600,000 per extra pound

Da Hong Pao tea traces its origins back to the Ming Empire and is among the most expensive black teas on the planet. Additionally referred to as Big Red Bathrobe tea, this Chinese tea symbolizes the attributes of the Wuyi Hills where it is cultivated. It includes a layered body with notes of earthy and also mineral flavors, makes into a deep red hue, as well as flaunts a dynamic surface.

The uncommon tea is so expensive mainly since the fallen leaves are harvested from plants that have actually expanded on the hills for more than 300 years. The majority of these old-growth plants last created real DA Hong Pao in 2005. The outcome is expensive prices for some of the dried leaves from these ancient plants. This tea can bring more than 30 times its king’s ransom– one gram of the tea leaves costs $1,400. Lots of companies sell less expensive variations of Da Hong Pao from newer tea plants grown in neighboring places offering a more affordable means of enjoying the taste and terroir of teas from the Wuyi area.

2. Panda Dung Tea– $35,000 per extra pound

Panda Dung tea is the tea globe’s version of kopi luwak– a coffee made from the excrement of Indonesia civet pet cats. This special tea fallen leaves are fed utilizing the dung of panda bears. The pu-erh tea supposedly consists of comprehensive wellness benefits considering that pandas only soak up concerning 30 percent of the nutrients in their diet. The producers think the various other 70 percent of the nutrients– including amino acids and also polyphenols– end up in the panda excrement, making a very healthy fertilizer for tea plants.

The tea is created in tiny quantities by a wild animal’s specialist in the Sichuan Province of China. Panda Dung tea flaunts a nutty flavor and also malty scent. The poo pu-erh tea should influence tea lovers that take pleasure in abundant aromas and split tastes.

3. PG Tips Ruby Tea Bag– $15,000 for one tea bag

PG Tips is a British tea business recognized for its delicious tea offerings. To celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary in 2005, the tea firm launched a Darjeeling tea in a diamond-encrusted tea bag. The bag featured 280 2.56-carat rubies as well as a fragile white gold chain for easy developing.

The bag was made by jewelry preferred Boodles and was used to increase cash for the Royal Manchester Kid’s Hospital. The tea bag contains Silver Tips Imperial tea leaves cultivated at the Makaibari Tea Estate in India.

4. Vintage Narcissus– $3,250 per pound

Vintage Narcissus is an oolong tea produced in the Wuyi Mountains. It includes yellow gold tea buds and a layered flavor that differs any other. The tea obtains its name from the Greek seeker Narcissus that found charm in everything. The oolong tea is greatly oxidized– concerning 60 percent– resulting in a chocolaty as well as woodsy taste with notes of floral as well as nutty touches. Among one of the most expensive Narcissus Wuyi teas was offered in a 50-year-old box that came to be a treasured item for enthusiasts across the globe.

5. Tieguanyin Tea– $1,500 per extra pound

Teguanyin is a kind of tea recognized as oolong tea. It is a real tea that is semi-oxidized and also can differ considerably in flavor depending upon where as well as just how it is created. This particular costly oolong tea acquires its name from the Buddhist divine being known as the Iron Goddess of Grace. The tea originated in the Fujian district during the very early 19th century.

Tieguanyin holds the title for the most costly tea sold in the UK. The tea can be instilled multiple times without developing bitter flavors, making its high price a little bit a lot more manageable.

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