Blue Tea: Discover Color-Changing Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Blue tea is so much greater than a tinted tea. Also referred to as butterfly pea flower tea, blue tea is a stunning color-changing tea that can be purple, fuschia or blue depending upon how you brew it. The tea provides a slightly flower and also pleasant taste that makes it greater than just a stunning concoction– it’s additionally delicious. Discover the beauty of tea with blue tea and also find out more regarding its health benefits as well as exactly how to make it vibrantly right here.

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What Is Blue Tea?

Blue tea is likewise called butterfly pea flower tea or Oriental pigeonwings. The tea comes from Thailand where it is known as nam dok anchan. This tea is made from the purple flower of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Given that it’s not made from the tea plant– like environment-friendly tea, oolong tea, and also black tea– it is considered an organic tisane as opposed to a real tea.

As an organic tea, butterfly pea tea is normally caffeine-free. What makes it so intriguing is that blue tea adjustments color when acidic or fundamental elements are added to the mix. When the fallen leaves are infused in warm water, they infuse a rich blue hue. A slice of lemon or a dash of lemon juice will certainly trigger the tea to alter color from a deep blue shade to vivid purple. Brewing heaven pea flower tea with hibiscus petals triggers it to transform an intense fuchsia color.

The shade modifications due to the existence of substances like anthocyanins in the butterfly pea tea. Anthocyanins add a red or orange color to teas. They’re also among the reasons why leaves modification shades so vividly in the autumn.

Photo by Nora Schlesinger form A Tidy Bake

Photo by Nora Schlesinger from A Clean Bake

Health And Wellness Conveniences of Blue Tea


Blue tea includes a high concentration of anti-oxidants that are valuable for human wellness. These anti-oxidants, including anthocyanins and also flavonoids, boast anti-inflammatory buildings that combat free radicals.

Free radicals are responsive compounds that attach to healthy and balanced cells and create damage in normal processes known as oxidative stress and anxiety. This break down has actually been connected to a host of issues including premature aging as well as mental decline. Consuming blue pea tea might aid to protect the body from oxidative stress and anxiety and the havoc it unleashed.

Weight Management Aid

While the Thai tea will not boost weight reduction results on its own, it can aid you reach your goals when integrated with a healthy and balanced diet and workout. This southeast Eastern tea is a scrumptious alternative to boring water and also sugary sodas that can ruin your diet. By switching out sugar-laden beverages for this fun tea, you can conserve calories and protect against excess sugars from being saved as fat in your body. Grab a mug of blue tea when you need to please a craving for sweets.

Heart Health and wellness

The anti-inflammatory homes of blue tea may aid to sustain heart health and wellness by reducing danger aspects connected with heart disease. A research released in Pharmaceutical Biology analyzed the effects of blue tea as well as black gram on heart health. Researchers discovered that the mix aided to lower cholesterol in rats (1 ).

On top of that, blue tea may aid to ease the risk of diabetes mellitus. Research study published in the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science found that heaven tea flowers successfully modulated blood glucose levels in rats (2 ).

Just How To Make Blue Tea


  • 1 teaspoon Cup & Leaf Butterfly Pea Blossom Tea
  • 10 ounces water
  • Lemon juice (OPTIONAL).
  • 1 tsp Mug & Fallen leave Egyptian Hibiscus Flower Tea (OPTIONAL).


  • Bring water to a quick boil in a temperature-controlled tea pot or a stovetop frying pan.
  • Include heaven tea flowers to the warm water.
  • Steep for 5 to 10 mins.
  • Act as is or add lemon juice to transform the color purple. If you desire the tea to have tips of pink and also red, add a tsp of hibiscus leaves at the very same time as heaven tea flowers.

Make Colorful Tea With Blue Tea Flowers.

This caffeine-free organic tea is a true satisfaction to consume. The blue blossom tea offers a distinct opportunity to delight in a tea that is as wonderfully stunning as it is tasty. Put yourself a favorite and also play with different components like chamomile lemongrass, matcha, as well as chai to evoke new shades and also tastes. The color-changing results make it the best choice for a tea party or simply illuminating your day. Try this mood ring tea drink today and also take pleasure in the sensational visuals that accompany scrumptious taste.

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