Bubble Tea: History and Recipe For The Tasty Treat

Bubble tea is a preferred beverage made using tea leaves, milk, and pudding pearls. It’s typically called nai cha, boba tea, or pearl milk tea as well as can be located in bubble tea stores across Asia and the west. The pudding pearls are additionally called fen yuan.

These crunchy balls add a rich as well as enjoyable component to tea alcohol consumption. Pearl tea is taken in making use of unique fat straws that have an opening huge sufficient to fit the tapioca pearls. Toppings including egg dessert, yard jelly, coconut jelly, and gelato might also be contributed to the top of the cup. Boba tea is generally functioned as an iced tea with big ice or shaved ice in spill-free mugs.

Bubble tea is traditionally made using tiny pudding balls and also true tea varieties such as black tea, white tea, eco-friendly tea, oolong tea, as well as pu-erh tea. In recent times, the beverage has blown up in appeal and also currently consists of wild tea flavors from mocha and pepper mint to chamomile and also basil. There are additionally fruit flavors such as orange yuzu with aloe, spicy chamoy sauce with mango, as well as other fresh fruits such as enthusiasm fruit.

The tea is likewise typically brewed using fresh milk much like Hong Kong milk tea. In American houses, this section of the recipe has been altered to include western choices that include making use of sweetened milk such as condensed milk along with dairy products choices such as non-dairy creamer and soy milk.

History of Bubble Tea

This milk tea is a Taiwanese innovation that traces its origins back to famous tea shops consisting of Chun Shui Flavor in Taichung and also the Hanlin tearoom in Tainan, Taiwan. Liu Han-Chieh– the creator of Chun Shui Flavor– brewed the tea utilizing white pudding balls which he thought appeared like the look of pearls. The tea leaves were combined with pudding starch, brownish sugar, and also milk.

The tea got importance in tea shops throughout Taiwan prior to ending up being staple offerings at Chinese and also Vietnamese facilities. As huge Eastern populations emerged in western countries, bubble tea came to be significantly prominent abroad. Today, the tea can be located in boba stores from the coasts of California to the mountains of Asia.

Bubble Tea Recipe


1 handful of tapioca pearls

3 tsps loose fallen leave tea

3 mugs of water

1/2 cup of milk (milk or non-dairy options such as almond milk or coconut milk).

Sweetener (optional).

Flavors (optional – fruit, natural herbs, etc).


Prepare the pudding pearls. Usage 7 parts water for each component pudding balls. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 20 minutes. Remove from warmth and also cover the frying pan. Let the pearls prepare up until the pan gets to space temperature level.

Bring the water to a fast boil and add tea fallen leaves. Keep in mind to utilize the proper water temperature level for the type of tea you are using.

Steep the tea leaves as advised for your chosen tea kind. Include fruit, sweeteners, and herbs as wanted.

Location the prepared pudding pearls in large, tall glasses. Pour the tea base right into the cup as well as include the milk on top. You can also use a frother or shake the milk in a mixed drink shaker for a thicker milk appearance if desired.

Use a large straw to stir the layers with each other and also enjoy!

Brew Bubble Tea.

Boba milk tea can be made using thousands of different flavors. Mix things up and don’t hesitate to play with unusual mixes. The velvety flavor of milk as well as the chewy structure of tapioca leave room for experimentation.

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