How to relax at the dentist’s?

Do you feel stressed about going to the dentist? Do you get anxious thinking of dental surgery? If so relax and stay calm. Many people like you have dental anxiety these days. It is shown in the report that 15% of adults have dental anxiety. 

But visiting a dentist regularly will help you overcome such problems. Your dentist will help you have a healthy smile. So trust him and go for regular visits. However, on the other hand, finding a good dentist is a task. If finding the best dentist is your problem will help you. At Covent Garden Dental Spa we provide some of the best sedation dentistry in the London area. Our dentists follow different tips and tricks to handle dental anxiety. Talk to us and we will help you relax when you visit our clinics. We will give you confidence and take care of your oral health.  

In case you have signs of dental anxiety, tell us, we will give you tricks that will help you stay calm when you visit the dental clinic. Today in this blog we will tell you how you can relax when visiting a dental clinic.

Dental Anxiety signs and symptoms

Most people are not exactly eager to see the dentist. But due to certain situations, one has to visit a dentist. However, here, let’s check on the signs and symptoms of dental anxiety.

  • You may have difficulty sleeping the night before a dental appointment.
  • Not willing to go to a dentist in dental pain.
  • Observe how the smells, sights, and sounds at the dentist.
  • Venture increased anxiety sitting in the waiting room.
  • Become physically ill before considering a dental appointment.
  • Have difficulty breathing during a dental appointment

How the best dentist can help you stay calm in the clinic?

Here we will discuss a few ways dentists handle the situation so that when patients visit their clinic they get the best feel and treatment. If you get anxious about going to the dentist, you first need to look for a dentist who understands your situation. As not all dentists are specialists for nervous patients, look for a dentist who has experience with dental anxiety. They have a better understanding and know what helps make patients more relaxed and calmer.

A specialist dentist for nervous patients has techniques to make dental visits calmer. Let us check these points.

1) Using Calming Sounds

Playing gentle, soft background music is one of the best ways to stay calm during sessions. Dentists’ waiting room environment is often filled with soft music. The advantages of soft and soothing music include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing heart rate. When you experience any kind of anxiety, these will help you stay calm. Keeping them low is an essential key to calmness, and music can have an excellent influence.

2) Distractions

Televisions, magazines, and interesting artwork help create distractions before your dentist appointment. This way it makes the waiting time become shorter and keeps your mind busy. This helps bypass overthinking and worrying about your appointment. Bringing a distraction is a necessity when you have an active imagination. Watching your favorite TV shows on your phone, and reading a book or magazine help in all ways. Keeping your brain active keeps your imagination from making overwhelming situations.

3) Breathing Exercises

The dentist tells you to use deep breathing exercises to keep your anxiety levels down. Inhale deeply, hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale smoothly. This is one of the best exercises to stay better. If it helps, make sure you practice it regularly. Concentrate on relaxing your body from the top down and focus on your breath.

4) Communicating

Knowing exactly what your dentist will be doing for your treatment may help your mind stay calmer. Have a mature conversation with your dentist and the clinic. This will help keep your mind busy during your appointment. Your dentist can talk you through each step of a procedure and explain what they are doing. Hearing about the process can make you feel more relaxed and in control throughout the appointment.

The key takeaway

We realize that fear of the dentist and dental anxiety is very real in most cases. We hope these points can help you control your dental anxiety. However, many dentists near London can help you have better dental and oral care for you and your family. If you fear the dentist, then talk to us. We have an expert dentist at Covent Garden Dental Spa who can prevent you from seeking treatment. We recommend that you see your dentist as soon as possible and understand their procedures. Our teams prioritize patients’ oral health and address it in a caring way that can help in overcoming dental anxiety and fear of the dentist.