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These Monte Cristo sandwiches rival Disneyland’s renowned form (or better!), are fast and simple to make, an impressive method to utilize up leftover ham, are make ahead amicable and the most awesome sweet and flavorful combo you will at any point sink your teeth into.  This delectable Monte Cristo formula is made with layers of ham, turkey, and Gruyere cheddar on sourdough or challah, dunked in a light player, seared until brilliant, then, at that point presented with powdered sugar, syrup or potentially raspberry jam for dipping.  The pined for rich, brilliant firm covering offering way to the smooth inside joined with gooey cheddar, is sweet, pungent, messy, rich, perfection.  Monte Cristos are great for breakfast, informal breakfast and lunch, and make a pleasant supper as well!   Most significantly, they are more grand than you can dream of.

This Monte Cristo sandwich formula merits each penny, consistently, every effort.  And If you’ve never experienced Monte Cristos, presently is your possibility – if it’s not too much trouble, make this formula! What’s more, reward, these Monte Cristo sandwiches are in reality really simple to make – they simply include layering bread with spread, mustard, mayonnaise, jam, ham, turkey and cheddar then, at that point sautéing – no problem at all, messy!

Subsequent to testing, I coincidentally found a couple of key components that raise this Monte Cristo sandwich formula. I’ll meticulously describe the situation underneath, yet for a short synopsis:

Thick tough sourdough adds extra tart character and makes a firm outside offering way to a delicate inside

Slathering the outside of the sandwich bread with spread makes an obstruction so the ideal measure of player is consumed by the bread AKA the ideal brilliant outside, delicate (not wet!) inside

The rich cover likewise implies additional rich character – winning!

Spiking the player with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla add one more layer of hypnotizing flavor

Using Gruyere Swiss instead of American Swiss means additional sweet, nutty character and plush meltability

Adding a layer of raspberry jam straightforwardly to the sandwich adds a layer of pleasantness to counterbalance the exquisite ham, turkey and tart mustard

So, there are SO many motivations to adore this Monte Cristo formula – I can hardly wait for you to taste them!


French Croque Monsieur sandwiches are barbecued ham and cheddar sandwiches generally made with prepared or bubbled ham and cut Gruyere cheddar, finished off with ground cheddar which is then heated or singed to make a messy outside.

Monte Cristo Sandwiches are additionally layered with ham and cut Gruyere cheddar however without the messy covering. All things being equal, the sandwiches are first plunged in egg player and seared in butter.  Monte Cristo sandwiches additionally ordinarily incorporate turkey and mustard.


The Monte Cristo Sandwich is an American variety dependent on the French Croque Monsieur sandwiches.   Croque Monsieurs initially showed up on a Paris menu in 1910 and Monte Cristo sandwiches were first referred to presently later in 1923 in a promotion in The Caterer and Hotel Proprietors’ Gazette, January 1923: “Sandwiches …  Monte Cristo … . 50 c”.

The most punctual known recorded recipe of the Monte Cristo arose only one year after the fact in 1924 in the Los Angeles Times:

“Cover six cuts of sandwich bread with a cut of American full cream cheddar, cover the cheddar with cuts of bubbled ham, cover with cuts of bread, attach with white string, plunge in beaten egg and fry a decent brown on the two sides in hot butter. Place on hot plates, eliminate the string and serve.”

Since that time, Monte Cristo sandwiches have had a rich, developmental history, springing up in all over California cafés during the 1930s and working its direction across America.  It wasn’t until 1966, nonetheless, that the Blue Bayou eatery in Disneyland, California, set Monte Cristo sandwiches up for life by putting them on their menu. It is by a long shot their most well known menu thing, like this formula, aside from their formula is broiled rather than sautéed and presented with blackberry jam.


This Monte Cristo formula is so natural and requires only a modest bunch of fixings. This is what you’ll require for this formula:

sturdy bread

sliced ham

sliced turkey

sliced Swiss cheddar



raspberry jam




Because of the straightforwardness of the fixings, make the most of each fixing. I’ve meticulously described the situation underneath so you know precisely what to search for to make the BEST Monte Cristo sandwich formula at home.


I propose utilizing a durable white bread for this formula that can uphold the entirety of the fixings thus the sandwich doesn’t self-destruct or become soggy.  My outright most loved bread to use in Monte Cristo sandwiches is sourdough.  The slight tartness praises the raspberry jam and powdered sugar beautifully.  Brioche or challah would be my subsequent option followed by French bread.  If the bread doesn’t come pre-cut, cut it 1/2-inch thick.

Would i be able to USE SANDWICH BREAD?

Assuming you need to make Monte Cristo sandwiches with standard white bread, you totally can for accommodation, simply remember breezy white breads are inclined to self-destructing and becoming soggy.  You will need to get the sandwiches along with a toothpick and don’t lower the sandwiches in the egg blend for long.


You have the alternative to trim the outside layers from your bread or let them be. In the event that you use sourdough, brioche or challah, the outside layer ought to be flimsy and delicate enough to mix directly into the bread and will not divert from the surface or the mark of the sandwich. Leaving the hull on these breads, can likewise make the Monte Cristo sandwiches sturdier.

In case you’re utilizing a bread with a weighty outside, you might need to manage it so the sandwich seals better.


Monte Cristo sandwiches are made with Swiss cheddar. You need a solid cheddar like Swiss to contrast the egg player, mayo, and meat.

Kindly be prompted not all Swiss cheddar is made equal.  “Swiss cheddar” in America is really an expansive term that incorporates many Swiss cheeses, large numbers of which are sorry impersonations of Emmental Swiss cheddar really from Switzerland.  Americanized Swiss cheddar is produced using sanitized milk and is altogether less delightful than genuine Swiss cheese. For the best Monte Cristo, go with genuine Swiss cheddar, explicitly Gruyere cheddar.

Gruyere is a semi-hard, light yellow Swiss cheddar made of entire milk. It’s the quintessential liquefying cheddar that is somewhat sweet, marginally pungent, smooth, nutty and flaunts sufficient character to slice through the lavishness of the Monte Cristo. You can buy a 8 oz. block with the strength cheeses at your supermarket or I recommend buying it at the store counter and asking them to meagerly cut it for you.


You can utilize any ham for Monte Cristo sandwiches, simply ensure it has some flavor!  The Monte Cristo is an impressive method to go through leftover Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving ham which as of now is prepared OR I favor it with daintily cut shop ham, specifically Black Forest honey ham. While you can utilize any store nectar ham, other ham assortments, for example, Virginia ham are more gentle and drier than Black Forest ham.

In the case of utilizing extra ham, you will require just two cuts (one for each sandwich) in light of the fact that the cuts are thicker.  If buying ham from the shop counter, have them cut it daintily and utilize two cuts for every sandwich.


Dark Forest ham is named after the Black Forest area of Germany in which it started. It is a kind of dry-restored smoked ham that regularly requires as long as 90 days to create from start to finish!  The crude ham is first prepared with pepper, garlic, juniper berries, coriander and different flavors, relieved for about a month then chilly smoked over pine or fir.

Now it tends to be sold with no guarantees or smoked to around 130 degrees in a smoker.  This subsequent smoke adds extra character to the ham contingent upon what sort of wood is used.  Maple, hickory-smoked and applewood-smoked are altogether famous assortments.

For a Monte Cristo, all assortments will work yet I am inclined toward nectar smoked Black Forest ham. It’s somewhat better and more extravagant than the other smoked assortments and the smokey pleasantness delightfully appears differently in relation to the exquisite turkey and tangy Dijon mustard.


The turkey for a Monte Cristo is pretty straightforward.  You can utilize any meagerly cut turkey however for the best quality, head to the store counter (Boar’s Head is excellent).  You can likewise utilize leftover holiday turkey!

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