Top Lip Makeup Trends in 2022

Whether it’s nude makeup or bold lips with lip fillers underneath, we all know how touchy women are about their lips. Whether you want to believe this or not, trending lip trends really do make your makeup look much more fashionable and keep your makeup look aligned with the latest trends more than anything.

While you may be thinking bold lips are still a thing, the truth is it’s almost fall time and the most focused trend in fall is hydrated and tinted lips and sometimes a bold color in the shades of brown to match the sentiments.

If you wish to carry a nice and natural look then start with a good lip balm and a tint that supports you through the day. Let us take you through the latest lip trends in 2022 so that you can choose what works for you and what lip products are trending.

Tints Are A Fantastic Option

The world is moving towards lip tints every day. Though different people have different reasons, we have one and that reason is the new texture and moisturization these lip tints are offering along with the required lip color. You can look at Romand Glasting Water Tint which is not only a layer of tint but a hydrating glossy tint with an easy and good texture as well. They are rich in color and the glossy texture is totally non-sticky which means you can carry them on your lips all day giving them a hydrated and nourished look. The best part is that these tints are long-lasting and also look natural on the lips.

Lined lips, The Fuller, The Better

Women are increasingly adopting the fuller lip trend hence an increase in lip job appointments. To get fuller lips you need to line them properly with a lip liner and shape them however you think looks better on you. You can experiment with different lip liners in different colors. Many makeup artists use lip liners to contour their lips to get a fuller look for the lips.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Lip Shades

We’re entering the fall season and all those fashionistas out there know that every trend starts with a color palette. As the summer color palette was more towards pinks and ombre lips this year, the Autumn lip color is more towards pumpkin and spicy shades of red and rust. The traditional browns have gone out of fashion in 2022 which means you can play around with a variety of spicy shades with a hint of coffee colors as well.

Two-Toned Lips

2022 is all about adding more color to your wardrobe and definitely to your makeup pouch! This year you can flaunt an in-fashion two-toned lip because they are trending. You can use a darker shade on the outer lines and a lighter one in the center or two completely different shades to make your lips pop! The fashion trend also demands that you apply lip gloss to add some spark! You will find lip glosses to be a constant product in the Korean Skincare Glossary over the years.

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